2021 Girls Team Championships Results



2021 State Champions (top 5)

Level 10
Violet (16) All Around-5th
Level 8
Genevieve (15) Beam-5th Floor-1st All Around-4th
Jazz (15) Vault-4th
Level 7 (team 7th of 19)
Kendall (9 &10) Bars-3rd(t) Floor-5th(t) All Around-5th
Ava (9 &10) Beam-4th
Madison (11) Bars-3rd Beam-1st Floor-3rd (t) All Around-3rd
Abigail (12-Sr) Bars-2nd Beam-4th
Level 6 (team tied 9th of 26)
Anna (10) Vault-3rd(t) Beam-1st Floor-3rd All Around-3rd
Kinley (11-Sr2) Vault-5th Bars-5th Beam-1st Floor-1st All Around-2nd
Reagan (13-Sr) Floor-3rd
Payton (14) Bars-2nd Floor-1st All Around-3rd
Erin (15&16) Vault-3rd Bars-2nd Floor-2nd(t) All ASround-5th
Level 5 (team placed 3rd of 15)
Simone (8) Vault-1st Bars-1st Beam-3rd Floor-4th All Around-1st
Kennedy (8) Vault-3rd Bars-5th Beam-1st Floor-3rd All Around-4th
Anya (9) Vault-3rd Beam-1st(t) Floor-5th All Around-4th
Chandler (10-Jr 2) Vault-2nd(t) Beam-1st All Around-4th
Leann (10-Jr 2) Vault-5th(t)
Ariana (10-Sr) Vault-2nd Bars-3rd Beam-4th Floor-1st All Around-2nd
Madison (10-Sr) Bars-2nd
Emma (11-Sr) Vault-1st Bars-1st(t) Beam-4th Floor-5th(t) All Around-2nd
Khloe (11-Sr) Beam-3rd Floor-4th
Level 4 (team placed 10th of 25)
Chloe (8-Jr) Bars-3rd Beam-3rd All Around 4th(t)
Alexandria (9-Jr 1) Bars-1st Beam-2nd(t) Floor-1st(t) All Around-2nd
Isla (10-Jr 2) Vault-2nd Bars-3rd All Around-5th
Brooke (10-Jr 2) Beam-3rd(t)
Level 3 (team placed 5th of 24)
Sophia (7-Jr) Vault-1st Floor-2nd
Camberley (7-Jr) Bars-3rd
Emma (7-Sr) Vault-1st(t) Bars-2nd Beam-2nd(t) Floor-4th(t) All Around-1st
Hailey (7-Sr) Vault-3rd Bars-4th(t) Floor-4th(t) All Around-5th
Brielle (8-Jr 1) Vault-1st Bars-3rd Floor-5th(t) All Around-2nd
Emery (8-Jr 1) Vault-4th(t) Bars-4th Floor-2nd All Around-5th
Kaylee (8-Jr 1) Vault 4th Beam-3rd
Clara (8-Jr 2) Vault-1st Bars-5th(t) Beam-3rd All Around-3rd
Elyse (8-Jr 2) Vault-4th Bars-4th
Lili (8-Jr 3) Vault-1st Bars-2nd Beam-2nd(t) Floor-2nd(t) All Around-1st
Adelaide (8-Sr 2) Vault-2nd Beam-5th All Around-4th
Rodenise (9-Jr 1) Vault-1st Beam-2nd Floor-1st All Around-2nd
Maddie (9-Jr-1) Vault-1st(t) Beam-4th(t)
Kira (9-Jr 3) Bars-4th Floor-3rd
Gabby (9-Sr 2) Vault-2nd Bars-1st Floor-3rd All Around-5th
Bella (9-Sr 2) Bars-3rd Beam-5th
Xcel Diamond
Bryanah (16) Floor-5th(t)
Mailee (17-Jr) Beam-1st Floor-1st
Maya (17-Sr) Vault-2nd Bars- 5th Floor-1st All Around-2nd(t)
Keagan (17-Sr) Vault-3rd Bars-2nd Floor-2nd(t) All Around-2nd(t)
Kaitlyn (18+) Vault-3rd Bars-4th Beam-2nd Floor-2nd All Around-2nd
Kayleigh (18+) Beam-3rd Floor-4th(t)
Xcel Platinum
Sani’ah (11+12) Vault-4th Bars-3rd Floor-4th(t) All Around-2nd
Emily (13-Jr) Vault-2nd Bars-5th(t) Floor-2nd(t) All Around-4th
Brianna (13-Sr) Vault-2nd Beam-3rd(t) Floor-1st All Around-2nd
Ava (14-Jr 2) Bars-1st All Around-2nd
Amaia (14-Jr 2) Bars-3rd Beam-2nd All Around-2nd
Emma (14-Jr-2) Vault-3rd Beam-4th
Reagan (14-Jr 2) Bars-4th(t) Floor-4th
Xcel Gold
Mylah (9) Vault-1st Bars-5th Floor-5th(t) All Around-2nd
Tatiana (10-Jr) Vault-1st(t) Bars-2nd Beam-5th Floor-3rd(t) All Around-1st
Hanna(10-Jr) Bars-4th Beam-1st Floor-2nd All Around-2nd
Sienna (11-Jr1) Vault-1st Bars-4th Beam-4th Floor-1st All Around-1st
Sofia (12-Jr2) Bars-1st(t) Beam-5th(t) Floor-1st All Around-2nd
Elenora (13-Sr1) Bars-2nd
Caeleigh (17+) Vault-1st Bars-4th Beam-4th Floor-3rd(t) All Around-4th
Rylee (17+) Vault-2nd
Xcel Silver
Katelyn (8) Vault-2nd Bars-3rd Beam-2nd(t) Floor-1st All Around-2nd
Tasneem (9-Jr1) Bars-2nd(t) All Around-4th
Amelia (9-Jr1) Vault-4th Bars-2nd(t) Floor-3rd
Yumi (10-Jr1) Vault-1st Bars-5th(t) Beam-1st(t) All Around-3rd
Sophie (10-Sr2) Vault-5th Bars-2nd(t) Beam-1st Floor 4th All Around-1st
Natalie (10-Sr2) Floor-2nd(t)
Delaney (11-Jr2) Bars-2nd Beam-1st Floor-5th All Around-4th(t)
Ava (11-Sr1) Vault-1st Floor-4th All Around-2nd(t)
Summer (11-Sr2) Bars-3rd Floor-1st
Charlize (12-Sr1) Bars-5th(t) Floor-2nd
Cheyanne (13-Jr) Vault-4th(t) Bars-2nd(t) Beam-3rd All Around-1st(t)
Xcel Bronze
Melodi (5) Vault-1st Bar-1st Beam-1st Floor-1st All Around-1st
Peyton (6-Jr) Vault-2nd Bars-3rd Beam-1st Floor-1st All Around-1st
Chloe J. (6-Jr) Vault-5th Beam-4th Floor-2nd All Around-4th
Trinity (5-Jr) Bars-4th
Lylah (6-Sr) Vault-1st Bars-2nd(t) Beam-1st Floor-1st All Around-1st
Norah (6-Sr) Vault-2nd Bars-2nd(t) Beam-2nd Floor-2nd All Around-2nd
Kyndall (6-Jr) Vault-3rd Floor-3rd All Around-4th
Ariana (6-Sr) Bars-5th Beam-5th
Natalija (7-Jr1) Vault-3rd Bars-1st Beam-1st Florr-1st All Around-1st
Samar (7-Jr1) Vault-1st Bars-3rd Beam-2nd Floor-2nd All Around-2nd
Londynn (7-Jr1) Vault-2nd Beam-5th Floor-5th All Around-3rd
Evie (7-Jr1) Bars-2nd
Kelsey (7-Jr2) Bars-4th(t) Beam-1st Floor-4th All Around-2nd
Isabelle (7-Jr2) Bars-4th(t)
Chloe H. (7-Sr1) Vault-2nd Bars-2nd Beam-1st(t) Floor-2nd(t) All Around-1st
Ivy (8-Sr1) Beam-1st All Around-4th
Arianna (8-Sr2) Vault-3rd Bars-5th
Maddyn (10-Jr1) Bars-3rd Beam-3rd(t) Floor-3rd All Around-4th