Advanced Jills (girls 7 yrs and up)

Our Advanced Jills class is a 2 hour skill based class, the fifth and final level in our girls program.  After mastering the skills of our Jills class, Advanced Jills builds on what they have already learned, increasing their skill ability and knowledge of gymnastics . As in our Jills class, the Advanced Jills place a huge focus on strength and technique while learning new skills.  Knowledge of every level before the Advanced Jills class is a must; as this is our most advanced class. Class runs for 2 hours for $100.25 per month (1 day per week). Please call to schedule a day and time to start.

In Advanced Jills you will learn:

Floor: Roundoff back handspring, back tuck (on any surface), front handspring step-out, front handspring, roundoff back handspring-back tuck (tumble track), front pike/layout (on any surface) and more!

Beam: Cartwheel, level 4 dismount, back walkover, tick tock/front walkover, and more!

Bars: Kip, flyaway, cast away pullover, squat on and more!

Trampoline: Combination jumps, mini routines, front tucks and back tucks (on trampoline), front tuck/pike/layout (off trampoline), and more!

Class Schedule