Open Gym

 For our Preschool Open Gym for ages 5 and under on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays  please click HERE


Open Gym

Bring the kids out for some fun and healthy playtime in our non-structured supervised gym. They can try out all the low equipment including the spring floor, trampolines, low bars, low beams. Our staff will be there to watch over them while they explore all our gym has to offer.
Open Gym is for ages 6 and up. Adults over 23 may parcipate with a payment however are not allowed on any trampolines or tumble track.

We recommend that you pre-register on our website. Just click here to find the day and time and click on it. or if you already have an account just click on parent portal and go to "find classes" and then click on "find events" to pick the day and time your would like to attend.
  • FRIDAY  (6 and up)      7:30 PM-10:00 PM   $15
  • SATURDAY  (6 and up)    6:00 PM-10:00 PM   $20
  • SUNDAY (6 and up)         1:00 PM-5:00 PM

*Online payments are made when pre-registering online.

***Appropriate gym attire must be worn to participate in Open Gym. No clothing with belts, buckles, and zippers. No jewelery allowed.***
See below to read all our Open Gym rules.


  • When using a camera in the gym/practice area please DO NOT use flash photography for the safety of our gymnasts.
  • All participants must have a signed release on file. (This must be filled out and signed by child's parent)
  • Open Gym Late Fee- Parents should arrive at least 5 minutes prior to closing. There is a late pick-up fee of $10 at 10 minutes after closing. Starting 15 minutes after closing, there will be an additional $1.00 per minute added.

Open Gym Rules:

  • All mats on the red floor are to be used for tumbling purposes only
  • No building forts, stacking or throwing mats
  • One person on a beam at a time
  • Do not run through the beams. Please walk around them
  • One person on a bar at a time
  • Keep both hands on the bar while on the bars
  • No hanging by just knees
  • Open Gym kids are not to use chalk
  • The boy’s team area is off limits-The mushrooms are okay to use
  • Shoes must be worn to use the warped wall
  • No more than 3 people on the cargo net at a time
  • No socks on the trampolines. Socks with grips on the bottom are allowed.
  • One person on a trampoline at a time
  • No swinging on ANY of the ropes. They are only for climbing.
  • When on the tumble track, jump down one at a time towards the large blue mat at the end, then walk back on the yellow so the next person may go. Do not jump back.
  • The bars in the middle of the gym and the high beams in the very back of the gym, belong to the teams and are off-limits to all Open Gym. Please use the bars and beams next to the entrance.
  • No diving into the foam pit. Please keep your head up where it is visible from outside the pit to help people jumping in.
  • No throwing pit blocks at each other.
  • Bullying is NOT tolerated. If the behavior persists, parents will be notified, and the participant(s) will be asked to leave.