Special Needs

Gymnastics is an excellent activity for children with special needs. Instruction not only targets the child's physical development but also encourages growth in the areas of following directions, turn taking, social skills, and group cooperation.  Parents are encouraged to contact Paragon to share a bit about their child's individual needs and determine which class would be appropriate. While some students do well in our mainstream classes, others require our more supportive classes that have a reduced student to instructor ratio.  Currently there is one classes for those who require a higher level of support for children ages 6 and up which takes place in our recreational gym area.  The class rotates through events (vault, bars, beam, floor, trampoline or tumble track, and conditioning) and begin each class with group stretch.  Children are expected to participate in all parts of class.  While it is understood that children with special needs may experience challenging behaviors, those that interfere with the safety of themselves or others or those that negatively impact the learning and participation of others would result in possible removal from class until appropriate learning behavior could be attained.  In order for instructors to meet the unique needs of students with special needs, parents are encouraged to share their strengths and weaknesses with their instructor prior to their first class.

Starting August 2023 we are adding a Special Needs Me & Roo class for ages 2-3 years olds on Mondays at 12:00

Special Needs prices

  • Special Needs Me & Roo (2-3 Years old)  45 minutes $ 73.25/month
  • Special Needs (4-6 years old) 60 minutes $ 78.75/month
  • Special Needs (6 years and up) 60 minutes $ 78.65/month

Class Schedule