Advanced Hoppers (girls 6-12 yrs)

Advanced Hoppers:

Our Advanced Hoppers class is a 75 minute, skill-based class, the second level of five levels in our girls program.  After completing all the skills needed in our Hoppers class, Advanced Hoppers begin to build on what they've already learned and increase their skill ability and knowledge of gymnastics while still focusing on strength, flexibility, coordination and motor skills necessary to master the skills of this level.  Once all Advanced Hoppers skills are mastered gymnasts move to our next class level: Super Hoppers. Class runs for 75 minutes for $144.50 per month (2 days per week) or $78.25 per month (1 day per week). Please call to schedule a day and time to start.

In Advanced Hoppers class you will learn:

Floor: Handstand forward roll, backward rolls, bridge back kick over, back bend, round off, handstand to bridge, and more!

Beam: Needle scale,  baby handstand, scales, side handstand dismounts, tuck jumps, split jumps, and more!

Bars: pullover, glides, casting to straddle position, back hip circle and more!
Vault: Handstand flat back, handstand hop on floor, arm circle approach,  front tuck into pit, and more!

Trampoline: Knee drops, doggie drops, belly drops, back drops, donkey kicks, front handspring concept and more!

Class Schedule