Me & Roo (1 yrs - 2 yrs)

Our Me & Roo class is a 45-minute class designed so our youngest gymnasts (ages walking 1 yrs -2 yrs) are able to enjoy the same gymnastics experience as our Lil Roos class, but with the assistance of their parent/guardian.  It's held in our colorful new preschool room, filled with tot-friendly equipment just their size.  This class offers different circuits every week, designed to enhance your child's coordination, balance, strength, motor skills, and even self-confidence and independence.  We have interchangeable vault, bars, beam, floor, and trampoline circuits. There may even be some time at the end of class to slide into the ball pit.
Class runs for 45 minutes for $73.25 per month (1 day per week). 
Sibling Discount-$5.00 off each sibling after the first.
Multi-Day Discount-$12.00 off second class per week of the same class
Please register on our parent portal then contact the front desk to enroll in the class.


  • Only one parent or gaurdian allowed to be in class with the child
  • Please no cell phone use during class.
  • Only one set of twins or siblings allowed per class unless there are 1 parent/gaurdian per sibling/twin
  • Older siblings must be able to stay with the parent and not try to participate or sit agaisnt the wall inside the Preschool area entrance with a quiet activity.

Class Policies

1. When the teacher is talking, try to have your child BE QUIET and LOOK at the teacher.

2. Please have your child to do the stations in the order the teacher shows them.

3. If you are unsure of how to do a station, let the teacher know and they will help you as soon as they can. Please don’t hesitate to ask! 

4. No screaming in the gym. We must use our indoor voices and be considerate of others.

5. Also, for the consideration and focus of others in the class and the classes around them, if your child is crying for more than 30-60 sec., please take them to the side or out of the preschool area until he/she calms down and stops crying.

6. When the teacher says “FREEZE” please have your child stop immediately and look at the teacher.  Do not have your child continue on the course after the teacher has given new directions.

7. If a child does not follow the rules after 1-2 warnings, and the parent does not give a time out, then the teacher will require a timeout (30 sec.). If your child is verbal, then he/she needs to give an apology to the right person when returning from timeout.

8. There is only 1 child allowed on trampoline at a time. If all trampolines are full, please take no more 1 minute turns.  Also, please do not allow children to run from one trampoline to the other.

9. When in the pit, your child’s head must stay above the balls/cubes at all times so someone doesn’t accidentally jump on them. If they bury themselves in the 3 year old class they get a time out, so we want to train them for that. Also, please refrain from throwing your child into the pit; it’s only about 2.5 feet deep.

10. Parents, cell phones are not allowed to be in use on the floor other than for a brief photo/video of your child.  You must keep an eye on your child at all times.

11. Always stay within a close proximity of your child, even in open gym time.

12. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!
**We understand at this age it is hard to follow rules! We also understand that it will take time before they follow them.  However, with consistency, we believe that most will learn them and thrive in this environment.**

Class Schedule