Preschool Open Gym

Play to Learn Learn to Play

Come with your toddler for playtime in our preschool area. We will have a supervisor to watch over as you and your child enjoy learning through play. We have 1 hour of preschool Open Gym on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The cost is $ 10.00 hour/per child. It is open for children 5 and under. Parents are required to stay in Preschool Area with their children

Ages: 5 and under

Prices $10- 1 hour

Times: Wednesdays: 1:00 PM

            Saturdays 6:00 PM-7:00 PM 

            Sundays: 1:00 PM-2:00 PM 

It is required that you pre-register and make a payment on our website by the day before. You can use the calendar link below to sign up. If you have not paid by the day before, we will  charge the card on file so please un-enroll if you can no longer attend.
  • Click here  to start your registration or if you already have an account just click on Parent Portal.
  • Go to "find classes" and then click on "find events" to pick the day and time your would like to attend.
  • Make sure to go to "BILLING & PAYMENTS" once your shopping cat is empty. If not, your card on file will be automatically charged the next day.
  • We cannot guaruntee we will have availible spots if you do not pre-register and pre-pay.
Parents-Please no cell phone use during Pre School Open Gym

Preschool Open Gym Rules

  • All children in the preschool area must be watched by an adult.
  • All children must wear gym friendly clothes. No socks, shoes, belts, buttons, or zippers. Grip type socks are allowed. 
  • If there is a class going on, then 2 stations will be temporarily off limits. You will need to keep your children out of that area for a short time.
  • Only children 5 and under are allowed to play on the equipment. Older siblings may only help or watch.
  • Adults may not be on their phones while in the preschool area. The only exception would be for a quick photo or video.
  • We use “inside voices” in the preschool area. Big giggles are encouraged 
  • When on trampoline, gymnasts need to go one at a time and stay on one trampoline. If other children are waiting trade every 60 seconds.
  • Children should go one at a time on trampolines, mats, small bars and short beams.
  • If your child picks up a “prop” (anything like a star or a beanbag) please have them put it back so the set up remains correct for everyone to enjoy.
  • Children should always look first, then jump into the pit feet first.
  • Children should not bury themselves in the pit (so that someone else doesn’t jump on them.)
  • The foam stays in the pit. Do not throw foam out or at other people.
  • All the good general rules also apply: Be kind. Take turns. Clean up what you mess up. And most importantly HAVE FUN!