Preschool Gymnastics

Paragon Gymnastics offers recreational Preschool gymnastics classes for children from once they start walking through 5 years of age. Please call to schedule a day and time to start. Our Preschool classes offer different circuits every week, designed to enhance your child's coordination, balance, strength, motor skills, self confidence, independence and so much more.

The benefits of preschool gymnastics to your child include:

  • FITNESS--experiencing fun associated with fitness activities early in life can create life-long positive fitness habits
  • MENTAL FOCUS--learning how to concentrate on a task and achieving goals.
  • BALANCE--walking beams can transfer later to riding a bike.
  • SOCIAL SKILLS--taking turns, working with partners, sharing, making friends and acknowledging the accomplishments of others.
  • STRENGTH--climbing on bars and ropes develops muscle strength.
  • FLEXIBILITY--improved range of motion through stretching and holding body positions.
  • COORDINATION--hand-eye coordination improves writing ability while eye-tracking improves reading readiness.
  • BURN CALORIES--and help jumpstart a life of fitness.
  • THE SPORT OF ALL SPORTS--gymnastics prepares kids for all sports.

Our classes listed by age are: (click for details and schedules)

Me n Roos (walking 1 yrs-2 yrs)

Lil Roos (3 yrs old)

Bouncing Roos (invite only 3 yr olds)

Wallaroos (4-5 yr olds)

Wallabies (invite only for 4-5 yrs old girls)

Joeys (invte only 4-5 yrs old boys)


We also offer a Preschool Open Gym on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
Please click HERE for details