HomeSchool Program

Paragon Gym for Kids offers Open Gym times exclusively for homeschool students and we offer our Fitness First physical education courses for homeschool students.

Homeschool Open Gym

  • For ages 5 and older only. Must have signed consent form.
  • $9 per child
  • Every first and third Friday 1:00-3:00pm
Home School Open Gym Schedule- click HERE


Fitness First


Click HERE for Fitness First Schedule

The Fitness First program consists of 5 two month sessions starting in September and running thru June. The cost is $90 for the 2 month session

  • ages 5 and older
  • Tuition is $90.00 per child per 2 month session
  • there are NO sibling or 2nd class discounts
  • Pick one class to attend for the 2 month session.  
  • A minimum of three students must be pre-registered in order to hold the class  
  • Make up classes must be scheduled within the same session as missed classes.  

Fitness First Class Descriptions

PE 101 – This class is a mix of all the classes we offer in our Fitness First Program plus a few other activities. This is an excellent class for students to take if they are new to our program, or if they would like to participate in a new sport each week.

GYMNASTICS – Gymnastics, considered the “foundation of all sports” will begin with the fundamental body positions used. The children will move along at an individualized pace, which will be determined by their individual skill level and learning curve, so each student gets what they need. Activities will consist of vaulting, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise. 

TRAMPOLINE/TUMBLING – The trampoline and tumbling unit will utilize our state-of-the-art trampoline and tumbling facility to develop skills used in these sports. Each child will develop an understanding of fundamental shapes and positions, much like gymnastics. Each child will move along at their own pace while learning the fundamentals of this new Olympic sport.




The following rules and regulations are for the benefit of the athletes and instructors. It is mandatory that every participant adheres to these rules for the safety of the instructors, classmates, and themselves.

  1. Class attire consists of leotard or athletic shorts, T-shirt, and athletic shoes. ( No Jeans )
  2. No jewelry is to be worn to class.
  3. All personal effects should be stowed in the cubbies in the waiting area.
  4. Athletes must wait in the observation area until called onto the floor for warm up by the instructor.  
  5. All athletes are expected to treat every instructor and classmate with the utmost respect.
  6. For safety and to improve the quality of one’s performance, every athlete should listen and look at the instructor when being instructed or corrected.
  7. No food or drinks are permitted in the training area.  
  8. Hair should be securely fastened up and away from the face.  
  9. All athletes must use equipment for intended purpose only.  
  10. All athletes are required to obey all of the regulations and rules that are established by the governing body of that discipline.