Advanced Bucks (boys 6 & up)

Our Advanced Bucks class is a 90-minute, skill-based class that is our most advanced boys class.  After completing all the skills needed in our Bucks class, Advanced Bucks will build on what they've learned and increase their skill ability and knowledge of gymnastics.
Class runs for 90 minutes for $94.25 per month (1 day per week). 
Sibling Discount-$5.00 off each sibling after the first.
Multi-Day Discount-$12.00 off second class per week of the same class
Please register on our parent portal then contact the front desk to enroll in the class.

In our Advanced Bucks class you will learn:

Vault: Handstand flat back (on resi), front handspring over resi, handstand hop on floor, front tuck into pit, spotted handstands onto vault table, and more.

Parallel Bars: Support walk (forward and backward), swing shapes, straddle travel (forward and backward), swing to push up bars walking dismount, swing to horizontal, swing to front and back dismount, upper arm swing (forward and backward) to front support, and more.

Floor: Handstand forward roll, backward roll to push up, bridge back kickover/back walkover, hurdle round off, drag press against wall, backward roll to handstand, back handspring, front tuck, and more.

Rings: Front support for 10, 20 seconds, skin the cat (invert) dismount, 5 X 90 degree swings, L hang chin hold 10 seconds, and more.

Pommel Horse: Lean and shift weight to lift opposite hand, leg cut (front, back, left, right), half two leg circle, walk last half (mushroom),  5X scissor legged swings (right and left), and more.


Class Schedule