Girls Team

Paragon Gymnastics is known nationwide for our excellent developmental and competitive team programs. We have had State Champions every year since Paragon opened. The higher competitive level gymnasts travel all over the country. The developmental groups are well-known in the Fredericksburg area for exciting exhibitions at various local functions.

2024-25 Season Girls Team Tryouts Results

Thank you to everyone who came the the 2024/25 team tryouts!
Congratulations to those who have been invited to join the team. We will be having our new member information meetings on Saturday, May 18 -
Ruby and Topaz will be from 1:00-2:30 
Bronze, Silver, and Gold from 3:00-4:30

Reagan Leddon
Olivia Wells
Caroline Chambers
Saige Jones
Bailee Mckain
Eden Long
Rory Passanita
Anneliese Pollard
Cassidy Carter
Vivian Demarest
Hadley Cox
Ella Hemming
Juliana Maniscalco
Tiana Delapp
Evelyn Rodriquez
Laila Busby
Amaris Green
Brynlee Scott

Homeschool Ruby
Lilya Olson
Eleanor Robinson
Presley Grouge
Leah Eagan
Lena Seawell
Martha Lyman
Naomi Patton

Hope Scheible
Brynn Poe
Seanna Creech
Charlotte Nagy
Zoey Peralta
Averie Burke
Serenity Turner
London McGuire
Morgan Kaufman
Anna Grace Maclaird

Bronze Red
Sloane Carter
Addie Joy Johnson

Bronze Blue
Morgan Betzing
Ava Mastin
Madison Cook
Sofia Acevedo
Madilynn Golden
Madelyn McElwee
Evie Graham
Carina Krumrie
Laniyah Welch

Paige Telzlaff
Diana Chow
Abigail Ferguson
Charlotte Tayman
Berkley Lopez
Daphne Molina

Lacey Foosness
Amelia Arvan



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Developmental Teams (Pre Competitive)

Our developmental team program is focused on identifying children with the physical and mental aptitudes for gymnastics as young as age 3. By concentrating on developing their strength, flexibility, and basic skills, the gymnasts are prepared for competitive level gymnastics by the time they reach ages 7-9. The developmental teams workout 2-6 hours per week, depending on their level.

USAG Developmental Program
Levels 3 thru 10

As a member of USA Gymnastics, Paragon Gymnastics has teams at each of the competitive levels. The competitive level gymnasts train between 10 and 23 hours a week depending on their level. Levels 3 thru 5 are Compulsary and perform preset routines and Levels 6-10 are Optionals and perform individual routines.

For more information on the women's programs visit the USAG website HERE

USAG Xcel Program

The Xcel Program is designed to offer a broad-based, affordable competitive experience outside the traditional Jr. Olympic Program to attract and retain a diverse group of athletes.. It is considered part of USAG, it has its own State Meet and the routines are judged using the Level 8 execution guidelines.

For more information on the XCEL program visit the USAG website HERE