Bucks (boys 6 yrs and up)

Our Bucks class is a 75 minute, age-based class.  It is our first level of boys' classes and serves as an introduction to the world of gymnastics, focusing on fundamentals.  It is designed to help build the strength, flexibility, and coordination to master beginner-level skills in order to be successful in our next class: Advanced Bucks.  Classes run for 75 minutes for $144.50 per month (2 days per week) or $78.25 per month (1 day per week). Please call to schedule a day and time to start.

In our Bucks class you will learn:

Vault: Run hurdle--straight/tuck/straddle jump stick (on 8"mat), run hurdle jump on hands (resi mat), jump forward roll to stand (on resi mat), and more.

Parallel Bars: Bear and crab walks (forward and backward), support hold, safety dismounts, and more.

Floor: Forward and backward rolls, handstand, cartwheel (both legs), bridge kick over, knee bridge stand, and more.

Rings: L hang and chin hang for 10 seconds, arch and hollow hold hang, skin the cat, inverted L hold, and more.

Pommel horse: Support shapes (front/back), straddle swings, tuck through to L hold, push away dismount, and more.

Class Schedule