Bucks (boys 6 yrs and up)

Our Bucks class is a 75-minute, age-based class.  It is our first level of boys' classes and serves as an introduction to the world of gymnastics, focusing on fundamentals.  It is designed to help build the strength, flexibility, and coordination to master beginner-level skills to be successful in our next class: Advanced Bucks.
Classes run for 75 minutes for $84.25 per month (1 day per week). 
Sibling Discount-$5.00 off each sibling after the first.
Multi-Day Discount-$12.00 off second class per week of the same class
Please register on our parent portal then contact the front desk to enroll in the class.

In our Bucks class you will learn:

Vault: Run hurdle--straight/tuck/straddle jump stick (on 8"mat), run hurdle jump on hands (resi mat), jump forward roll to stand (on resi mat), and more.

Parallel Bars: Bear and crab walks (forward and backward), support hold, safety dismounts, and more.

Floor: Forward and backward rolls, handstand, cartwheel (both legs), bridge kick over, knee bridge stand, and more.

Rings: L hang and chin hang for 10 seconds, arch and hollow hold hang, skin the cat, inverted L hold, and more.

Pommel horse: Support shapes (front/back), straddle swings, tuck through to L hold, push away dismount, and more.

Class Policies

1. Bring a water bottle to each class with your name on it.  You may refill your water bottle here, but because of proximity, we do not like to use the water fountain during class.

2. What to wear: For girls a leotard is preferred, but fitted clothing is also allowed. No skirted leotards or bare mid-drifts are allowed. The only jewelry allowed is stud earrings; no rings, bracelets, anklets or necklaces.  Feet should be bare. Boys- athletic shorts or pants and a t-shirt.  Fitted shirts are best.  No buckles or buttons on the clothing as this can hurt you and the equipment.

3. Long hair should be neatly pulled back in a way that will stay throughout the whole class.  If you have short hair, but it falls in your eyes when you lean forward, then just pull half of it up.

4. If you have an injury that limits your ability to do anything, then you should bring a written note from your parent.  (Like someone stepped on your foot at school, so it’s sore, but you can still do most things.)

5. When the teacher is talking, make sure to look at the teacher and be quiet.  If you want to speak to the teacher, but he/she is talking, then please wait until they are finished. 

6. If you have to use the restroom, make sure to let your teacher know right away.  Never leave without telling your teacher.

7. When switching events, always stay with your teacher and walk where he/she walks.

8. Take turns. Be kind to your classmates. If someone is unkind to you, let your teacher know.  If you accidentally hurt someone, be quick to apologize. 

9. If you’re afraid or unable to do a certain skill, let the teacher know, but also understand that we are going to encourage you to try new things.  (We will not force you, but we will encourage you.)

10. Always try your best.  We want you to improve every week.  This will only happen if you give it your best effort every time you take a turn.  Also, if you want to improve faster, you should practice at home (skills your teacher says you’re safe to try at home).  If you don’t have any space or you’re not allowed to work on skills at home, then ask your teacher for a home workout sheet which will work on your strength and flexibility so you will improve faster that way. 

11. Can you scream in the gym? No!  Even if you’re playing games?  Still no.  Learn to play and have fun doing things without screaming so we are courteous to everyone in the gym. 

12. What happens if you do not follow the rules?  You will have to sit in a time out.  We don’t want to have to do that, so please do your best to obey the rules. To return from time out, you must apologize to the appropriate person. Your parent will be notified any time you have a time out. 

13. Most important rule: HAVE FUN!

Class Schedule