Wallaroos (4-5 yrs)

Our Wallaroos class is a 1 hour long, age-based class, for 4-5 yr old girls and boys.  We offer rotating circuits every week, including floor, beam, bars, vault and even trampoline!   
Class runs for 60 minutes for $78.75 per month (1 day per week).
Sibling Discount-$5.00 off each sibling after the first.
Multi-Day Discount-$12.00 off second class per week of the same class
Please register on our parent portal then contact the front desk to enroll in the class.

This class is designed to enhance your child's strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, motor skills, self-esteem, independence and more!
They will learn to backward roll, forward roll, cartwheel, handstand, walk and jump on the beams, swing on the bars, jump on the springboards, all with correct form.  They will also learn many new jumps on our trampolines!

Class Policies

1. Always bring a water bottle with your name on it.  You can fill it up at our water fountains, but we don’t drink from them anymore. 

2. When the teacher is talking, make sure to BE QUIET and LOOK at the teacher.

3. If you have to use the restroom during class, tell your teacher; never just run off.  Also, try to use the restroom before class if possible. 

4. When moving around the gym, always stay with your teacher, walking where he or she walks, and keep your hands to yourself.

5. Take turns.  Be kind and say kind things.  Don’t fight to be a line leader. 

6. Do the stations in the order the teacher shows you. 

7. If you’re unable to do a station, let the teacher know, but let other children go ahead of you if your teacher can’t get to you right away.  Do not just stand there. 

8. If your teacher is talking and you need her attention, wait until she finishes talking first.  If it’s urgent, come stand beside him/her and touch her leg/shoulder to let her know that you’re there.  Do not try to talk to him/her while she is talking to someone else. 

9. If you’re scared to try a new skill, tell your teacher.  We will encourage you to try new things, but we will never make you to do it.  Lots of things are scary at first, but after you’ve done it for a while it gets easier- and then it gets fun!!

10. Always try your best.  We want you to have fun, but we also want you to get better at your skills every week.  This will only happen if you always try your best.

11. No screaming in the gym.  We have to use indoor voices and be considerate of others.  Have fun and giggle, just no screaming. 

12. What happens if you do not follow the rules?  You get a time out (about 30 seconds). We don’t want to have to do that, so please try hard to obey the rules. To return from a time out, you will need to apologize to the right person.

13. What do you do when the teacher says “freeze”?  Stop immediately and look at the teacher.  There are many reasons why a teacher might ask you to freeze: to keep you from running into someone, to switch what you’re doing or he/she may just want to show you something.

14. What is the most important rule?  To HAVE FUN!!

Class Schedule