2018/2019 Girls Team Try Out Results

Congratulations to those who made the Paragon’s Gymnastics Team

2018-2019 Season
Important Things to know….
1. Thank you to all the wonderful girls and boys that tried out for team. We had a very large number this year. If your child’s name does not appear on the list then he or she is currently on the wait list.
2. Paragon will host new team parent meetings on Sunday May 20, 2018.
1:00-2:30 Girls Developmental (Ruby and Topaz)
3:00-4:30   Girls Competitive (Level 3, Xcel Bronze, Xcel Silver, Xcel Gold)
5:00-6:30  Boys Developmental and Competitive
3. A complete 2018/2019 Team Handbook and annual insert will be emailed Friday, May 11, 2018. This must be signed and returned by Friday May 25, 2018.
4. Please email your intent to join or decline your child’s invitation to join the Paragon Team for the 2018/2019 season by Friday May 25, 2018.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns,

Thank you,
Rachael Heard
Paragon owner
Team Coordinator

Ruby Developmental
2 day 2 hrs each day
Daytime Option Available for kids not in school


Lydia Calderon
Alexandra Carey
Kelsey Curtis
Emerie Davis
Kinsley Edwards
Madison Kennedy
Annalyn Kirchner
Sophia Flores
Sophia Halstead
Kaylee Hitt
Emma Huff
Riley Kovach
Natalie Maxwell
Kelsey McLaren
Isabell Mitchell
Kendall Payne
Brooklyn Paxton
Jordyn Pierce
Riley Posey
Kennedi Purnell
Lyla Seawell
Abby Shadwick
Zoey Spieldenner
Addilyn Stone
Olivia Stone
Ella Unkefer
Mia Uttaro

Topaz Developmental/Competitive
3 days 3 hrs each day

Hanna Ghawi
Natalie Horstick
Taleigha Jones
Ava Lapp
Sophia Lang
Jordan Persun
Sophia Saravia
Delaney Senters
Livia Shelton
Lily Tipling

Level 3 Compulsory Competitive
3 days 3.5 hrs each day

Kenley Curtis
Ariana Perkins
Isabella Strader


Bronze Xcel Competitive
3 days 2 hours each day

Elena Carter
Vanessa Calderon
Mia Caasenave
Desiree Clevenger
Amiyah Cox
Gillian Creed
Khera Dawkins
Gracie Dennison
Aurora Dimatore
Moriah Greenberg
Annabella Hart
Elenora Johnson
Niylah Jones
Annie Larkin
Abigail Lusnia
Mia Maine
Cori McAleese
Charlize McLaren
Kaitlyn Moore
Kaylee Olmstead
Rheanna Oskanian
Anastasia Payne
Emily Stacy
Katelyn Wagner
Sara Welch
Sofia Welch
Cheyanne Wilson
Jasmine Young

Silver Xcel Competitive
3 days 2.5-3 hrs each day

Carmen Case
Christa David
Caeleigh Herbert
Sienna Mascher
Chloe Moorer
Julia Sipko
Staci Thacker

Gold Xcel Competitive
3 days 3 hrs each day

Aliyah Binette
Taylor Fisher
Marley Trumbower


Paragon’s Developmental team is a non-competitive program designed for younger athletes or gymnasts just entering the team program.  The focus is to prepare the girls for competitive gymnastics.  Training hours and pricing are determined by the level placement.  Practice schedules range from 3 hours per week to 6 hours per week. Tuition ranges from $130.00 to $250.00 per month. 
The Competitive Program has teams at each of the competitive levels. The competitive level gymnasts train between 6 and 30 hours a week depending on their level. Tuition ranges from $220.00 to $395.00 per month. Additional costs include but are not limited to:
Competition leo
Competition warm-up and bag
Meet entries and coaches expenses

 The team season runs June 1st thru May 31st
o This is a full season commitment
o New practice schedules start on Thursday, June 1, 2018.
Things to expect from team
  •  Tuition is due by the 27th of each month for the following month (May 27th for June tuition).  A $25 late fee will be accessed to your account for payments made after the 1st of the month.
o Practice schedule
  •  Attendance & Punctuality are important!  Gymnast are expected to be at each practice.
  •  The first two weeks of June we will be on the fall practice schedule.
  •  There will be a team vacation week June 25 through June 29, 2018 .  There will be NO team practice this week
o Additional Annual Team Fees
  •  $50 Annual Team Insurance fee
  •  $100 Annual Team Registration fee
  •  $30 Annual Xcel USA Gymnastics Membership
  •  $60 Annual JO USA Gymnastics Membership
o Gym rules
  •  Be respect at all times to other parents, gymnast, and paragon staff
  •  Parents are drop off and pick up team gymnast.  You may stay the first and last 15 minutes of practice.  You may not stay in the building for the full practice time.
  •  Paragon is a peanut friendly facility.  Please pack peanut free products for your gymnast.
  •  Only plastics water bottles are permitted in the gym. 
  •  Contact the front desk if your gymnast will be late or will miss practice.
  •  Contact the front desk if you need to speak with your coach. 
Team apparel ~~ payments due mid July, more details will be giving out in June.
o Required, payment will be made to the PPA and will be due end of June/first of July:
  •  Competition Leo – @ $250
  •  Competition Warm -Up --- levels 3-10 and Xcel @ $175
  •  Competition Team Bag --- to be used as all meets for girls personal items  @ $50
o Practice – any Leo, with hair neatly pulled back into a pony tail.  No two piece Leo’s!! 

What to expect at meets? (All Xcel levels & LV’s 3-10)
o Meet schedule will be completed and given out to parents by September 2018.
o Gymnast LV3-10 are expected to attend ALL scheduled meets
o All Xcel Level will be required to attend both Paragon hosted meets, their State meet and a minimum of one additional meet.  The parents will be required to designate which meets they will be attending for the season.  This date will be designated prior to the meet schedule coming out.  Paragon will host a meeting to go over this in more detail.
o Families should plan ahead for reserving hotel rooms.  Final individual meet session times are not posted until 1-2 weeks prior to the meet by the host gyms.  Block off the full meet weekend.
o Gymnast should arrive to the meet in their team leotard & warm-up, with hair done.
o Parents will drop gymnast off at the gymnast check-in and then find seating in the parent area. 
o Parents are NOT to talk to gymnast, coaches or judges on the event floor at the meet.
o Awards are given out at the conclusion of each session.  Gymnast are expected to stay for the full awards presentation for their session
o Sessions typically last 4-5 hrs.
Paragon hosted meets
  •  Paragon requires ALL team families to be involved in all Paragon hosted meets.  The level of involvement will be determined by the size of the meet.  PPA assist Paragon in the pre-planning and meet weekend work.
  •  Host a minimum of 2 home meets: (please mark off the full weekend on your calendar to ensure you are able to work your required sessions)
  • Commonwealth Cup- Venue and dates TBA
  • Paragon Invite-, held at Paragon in late April early May
o PPA will be holding a meeting at the beginning of June to go into more details.  Once the meeting date is set they will notify all team families

Thank you,
Paragon Team Staff