Paragon Gym for Kids

Paragon Illness and Sanitation Policies

Paragon Illness and Sanitation Policies

Whenever children are together, there is a chance of spreading infections and the viruses responsible for colds, flu and stomach viruses and many more.  Any child with respiratory symptoms (cough, runny nose, and sore throat) and fever should not be brought in the building. The child can return 24 hours after starting treatment and/or the fever has resolved (without the use of fever-reducing medicine). If school age children have been kept home from school, they should also be kept home from gymnastics. Other symptoms common in children that should not participate with other children include colds, sore throats, coughs, vomiting, pink eye and diarrhea.

Also please follow these rules for handwashing:

• When arriving at the facility (sanitizer is available at the front desk).
• Before and after handling food, feeding a child, or eating
• After using the toilet, changing a diaper, or helping a child use the bathroom (Following a diaper change, the caregiver’s and child’s hands should be washed.)
• After helping a child wipe his nose or mouth or tending to a cut or sore
• After handling wastebaskets or garbage

Thank you for your attention to these matters as we hope to make everyone's experience at Paragon a fun and healthy one!