Paragon Gym for Kids


Q. May I drop my child off for classes?

A. Paragon Gym for Kids is NOT equipped to supervise children before or after class.  Parents of children unable to safely supervise themselves during class must stay ONSITE at all times. Please note that Paragon Gym for Kids makes a concerteted effort to deter unauthorized persons from entering the premises as well as making an attempt to query an adult apparently "unattached" to a child. Despite these best efforts, realistically, it is impossible to distinguish a solo parent legiimately waiting for his or her child from an adult intent on abducting a child.


Q. Will you notify me to confirm my class choice?

A. Yes, an email will be sent to you if you register online. With our new online program you'll be able to acess your account easily by going to and logging into the parent portal.



Q.What is the $50 annual Registration Fee for?

A.This modest fee helps defray the Paragon Gym for Kid's substantial administrative costs, certifcation and education of the staff, as well as encourages consistent attendance which is essential for the maximum educational benefit.


Q. Why does tuition remain the same for all months regardless of the number of weeks? 

A. It would be costly and confusing for Paragon Gym for Kids to alter tuition amounts each monthfor the same reason Universities, landlords and banks do not alter tuition, rents, or loan payments when the days in the  month differ. Paragon Gym for Kidsr operates for at least 48 weeks per year depending on the calendar of a particular year.There are 12 months per year, each averaging 4 weeks and we calculate tuition based on that.  For this and many reasons, it is important that Paragon Gym for Kids view participation as an ongoing educational investment rather than a series of classes.  Tuition is always due on the first of each month.