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IMPORTANT memo from Paragon

Posted: May 29, 2018

To All Paragon Families,
The front of our building is a Fire Lane and marked as NO PARKING. We have noticed many cars either standing there with parents waiting for kids or even being parked there. This is a hazard for traffic and emergencies and IS NOT ALLOWED.
We had a deputy sheriff come to us recently to point out ANOTHER IMPORTANT REASON to not allow this. We were told to not have parents pulling up and lingering out front in the fire lane. The reason is that predators use that as an opportunity to pull up as if they were picking up a kid. Kids have been known to get in the wrong car by accident. The safety of our kids is very important to us.
For these reasons we will be strictly enforcing our no parking policy at the front of our building. We will allow drop off at the front door only if parents remain in the car. Please DO NOT sit in your car and wait for your child to come out or park your car at the front of the building for ANY reason.
Children will NOT be allowed to leave the building without an adult for ANY reason.
Thank you from the Paragon staff.