Paragon Gym for Kids

Important COVID-19 policies updated as of 12/15/2020.

Governor Northam recently announced new restrictions for the State of Virginia that take effect Sunday, November 15th at midnight. Most of these restrictions do not impact Paragon and our classes, practices, and activities..

We are updating our mask policy, however. Beginning tomorrow, Monday November 16th, all students five years and older will be required to wear a mask when entering the building, waiting for class or practice to start, and when leaving the building. All distance learning students will be required to wear mask when they are not exercising.
Also, as was previously required, please make sure your child has a gym bag of some sort to store their clothes, shoes and mask in during class. They will keep this bag with them during class. This makes it easier for them to keep track of their belongings and prevent anyone else from picking up the wrong belongings.
When dropping off your child, please remain long enough to get a thumbs up from the front door staff that they are cleared to enter the building. Also make sure all caregivers are aware of this too
Due to our limited number of only 10 people allowed in the building, ONLY parents of new students and parents of students who need assistance using the restroom are allowed to remain in the building during class. If you would like to watch your child's class then you can use our new live streaming app Spot.TV. Details for signing up can be found at the exit door of the building.
One more important reminder-please make sure you do not park or stand with your car in the fire lane for pick up. We have had several incidents with near misses due to limited visibility because of cars standing in front of the building. Drop off and go only is allowed.
The safety of our students and families is our number one priority. We are still following all guidelines with cleaning and health checks and hope to be able to continue to provide a safe, healthy place for your child to learn to play and play to learn.