Paragon Gym for Kids

Update on Lifting of Capacity Rescrictions and Paragon

We are happy to announce that with the Governor's announcement lifting the capacity and social distancing restrictions as of 12:01 am tomorrow, Friday 5/28/21, we will begin allowing parents in our building. We will still continue to offer SpotTV as a live-streaming option as well. This means that parents will come in the building to pick up their child. We will not allow children to exit the building without a parent.
Please make sure to remember some very important guidelines that we have for parents watching classes:

There can be no standing in the hallway. This is a fire code violation and you will be asked to move.
There can be no speaking to or coaching your child during their class. Your child should have their full attention on the instructor for their safety and to receive the most from their class.
Also, the mask mandate has not changed. For the safety of the children in the building, only those who have been vaccinated are allowed in the building without a mask on. Since we are trying to protect the children, we reserve the right to ask for proof of vaccination. If you do not have it you are welcome to come in the building but only with a mask on.

Thanks so much for your support this past year. Our Paragon family has made it all worth while!