Our Hoppers class is a 75 minute introductory level class that focuses on teaching the fundamentals of gymnastics.  The class is designed to help build strength, increase flexibility and coordination in order to master the beginner-level skills necessary to be successful in our next class: Advanced Hoppers. Class runs for 75 minutes for $65 per month.

In our Hoppers class you will learn:

Floor: Forward rolls, backward roll concept, candle stick holds, handstands, handstand holds,  cartwheels, bridges, bridge kickover concept and more.

Beam: Beam walks (forward, sideways & backwards), kicks (forward, sideways, and backward), bunny hops, bear walks, straight jumps, tuck jumps, needle scale concept, and more!

Bars: Pullover concept, casts, chin hold, L-hold, glides, forward roll dismount, leg lifts and more!

Vault: Straight, tuck and straddle jumps onto a resi-mat, forward rolls and dive rolls onto a resi-mat, donkey kicks and more!

Trampoline: Basic jumps (straight, tuck, straddle, and pike), turning jumps, seat drops, doggie drops, swivel hips, knee drops and more!



Class Schedule


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
3:15 PM* 4:30 PM 8:30 AM** 4:30 PM 4:45 PM 8:30 AM
4:30 PM 5:45 PM     3:15 PM*  5:15 PM  6;00 PM   9:00 AM    
5:45 PM 7:00 PM 4:00 PM 5:45 PM   9:45 AM
6:30 PM   5:15 PM  6:30 PM   10:15 AM 
7:00 PM   6:30 PM 7:00 PM   11:00 AM  
          11:30 AM
          3:15 PM
          4:30 PM

* early bird special - $10 off tuition

** Summer only class