Baby Roos (5 months to walking)


For parents and babies (ages 5 months to fully walking)

This FREE 30 minute class creates special  bonding time through physical play and social interaction with other babies and parents. Sign up required at the front desk or call 540-548-4966. Once you are enrolled in the class you will come each week to that class. After 2 missed classes in a row your spot can be given to someone else.

  • Older siblings that must attend must be able to stay with the parent and not try to participate or sit agaisnt the wall inside the Preschool area entrance with a quiet activity. 
  • Only one set of twins or siblings allowed per class unless there are 1 parent/gaurdian per sibling/twin

Baby Roos will:

  • provide a safe and fun environment and encourage creative learning
  • teach through movement, exploring, and interacting with other babies
  • help in the development of gross and fine motor skills


Class Schedule